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Debugging a maven failsaife selenium build in intellij

Recently I had to debug a set of Selenium tests using the failsafe plugin and the embedded tomcat7 plugin using Intellij Idea Usually you can just click on IDE's the debug button and Intellij will take care to launch the build and attach a debugger to the appropriate debug port: However this time it wasn't working I had 2 issues with my build : My breakpoints where completely ignored The maven build just kept waiting without exiting the project even once the integration tests where finished So I looked into the possible XML configuration tags for the failsafe plugin and thought that the <debugForkedProcess>true</debugForkedProcess> would be my salvation however I was wrong... So what's happening here ? By default, maven runs your tests in a separate ("forked") process. So when you set this property to true, the tests will automatically pause and await a remote debugger on port 5005 However this was not going happen since when you click on the IDE&…