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Access jasper reports with URL authentication and remove jasper decoration for better integration

To give you some context recently while working on a new small project I needed to include a few Jasper Reports that where hosted in a Jasper Serverrepository. The main requirement was to include these reports in a lightweight application without the JAVA stack but using only HTML+JavaScript To my knowledge there are 3 ways to accomplish this : Allow anonymous access to a given URL pattern (I had some troubles working with this approach) Use Jasper's REST APIand authenticate through it (probably the cleaner way) Provide credentials in the URL (quick and dirty) :) For reasons outside the scope of this article I had to use the 3rd option and provide the credentials in the URL. Note : This is not a clean way to access the repository (especially as you may see the username and password are clear text) but sometimes there no way around it Jasper server uses spring under the hood to provide authentication/authorization so you can use the standard Java authentication mechanism, which b…