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HSQLDB Query log - Output SQL statements to log file

It's sometimes useful (especially for debbuging) to be able to see all the SQL statements that the database runsLots of RDBMS have this very useful feature (MySQL for example calls it query log)The HSQLDB is one of those and it can be accomplished in several ways, here I will show you how to do it within the db url and using a SQL statement : 1.- In the DB url Just add the following parameter to your db url : hsqldb.sqllog=3 For example : jdbc:hsqldb:file:c:/dev/db/my_db;shutdown=true;hsqldb.sqllog=3 2.- Through a SQL statement SET DATABASE EVENT LOG SQL LEVEL 3 Once this is done you will find a log file in the same folder as your database with the naming convention like ${dbname}.sql.log like so : my_db.sql.log More info here : hsqldb monitoring documentation