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Debug Java SSL/HTTPS WebService with man in the middle proxy

In this article I will be showing how to debug WebServices HTTPS/SSL requests by using a Man in the Middle proxy, this can especially be useful when dealing with WebServices errors since all request will go through the proxy we will be able to see all the content that is sent back and forwardThere are several proxies out there that support HTTPS/SSL queries but my favorite by far is mitmproxy and this is the one I will be showing in this post.The installation instructions detailed here for mitmproxy are for MacOSX but can easily be adapted to Linux distributions; please note that a lot of the instructions detailed here apply to Java applications1. Install mitmproxyPersonally I use home-brew for my package management; so I assume you have it installed (otherwise you'll have to install mitmproxy manually) Run the following command to install mitmproxy : brew install mitmproxy Your output should look something similar to this ==> Installing dependencies for mitmproxy: libpng, f…

Linux change timezone and force ntpd synchronization

This short article shows how to change the timezone of the Linux distribution as well as forcing the synchronisation of date/time with the ntpd serversThis applies specifically applies to CentOS so some changes might be possible depending on the distribution 1.Change timezone cp /etc/localtime /root/old.timezone rm /etc/localtime ln –s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/Zurich /etc/localtime 2.Add ntpd servers to you configuration file (optional)Edit (or create) the /etc/ntpd.conf and add the appropriate ntpd servers : server server note: is the ip or domain name of the server 3.Stop the ntpd daemon /etc/init.d/ntpd stop 4.Force the date updateForce the update of the date with the new timezone and eventually the ntpd servers ntpdate 5.Stop the ntpd daemon /etc/init.d/ntpd start 6.Stop the ntpd daemon date