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OSX Wi-fi and Ethernet network simultaneously connected and static routing

So recently I had a situation where I had my Ethernet and Wifi connected to 2 different networks in my MAC OS X, and I had a very specific use case for this I needed to use the Ethernet connection to access 1 specific host (an internal web service), the connection through the ethernet cable allowed this but did not allow internet access, the Wifi connection allowed internet access but will not allow access to the internal web service, so basically what I needed was :Have both connections activeAccess the internal web service through the Ethernet connectionAccess all the other hosts through the Wi-fi connectionJust connecting both interfaces does not work I was either getting access to the internet or either access to the internal WebService; if you check this article over at apple OS X network interfaces priority you can see that you can change the priority used by the system to route the requests; so if you change the priority of the Wi-fi to be on top you get internet access but not…