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Spring boot and mongodb with geo-localisation queries 1/3

MongoDB offers a number of indexes and query mechanisms to handle geospatial information, below are some of the features offered by the database : SurfacesLocation DataQuery OperationsGeospatial indexes.....More detailed information can be found at their website : MongoDB Geospatial queriesIn this 3 part post we will be creating a sample REST API application using Spring Boot, Spring Data and MongoDB to determinate if a given "Interest Point" is within a certain distance of the provided coordinates 1. Setup Before we start please ensure that you have a running MongoDB instance So let's get things started, we will be using Gradle as our build tool for this project, if you're not familiar with this build tool you can read the documentationBelow is the build file used to build our project, there is some noise in here that is related to IDE support as well as a few things needed to deploy this application in heroku which can be avoided but I've chosen to leave here f…